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Satyam Cement has been developed keeping in mind the need of modern construction and today’s need for environment friendly products that are cost effective, durable and having optimum strength even in adverse conditions.

Durability is a very important property in concrete. And durability here means concrete that withstands the entire life span of structures like homes and residences that are lifetime investments. Since distress of concrete and early failure of structures is a common phenomenon, research over a period of time helped develop various remedial measures that improved durability and cost economics. One of them being blended Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), with complementary pozzolanic and cementitious materials like fly ash, blast furnace slag, rise husk etc. And Satyam Cement is a fine example of it.

Cement is made by grinding clinker to a fine powder, which produces traditional Portland cement. When mixed with sand, gravel or crushed stone and water, cement acts as the binding agent to make concrete.

Cement production is both resource- and energy-intensive. Our commitment to improving eco-efficiency is based on a holistic view of the entire process, from the manufacture of the product to its use and recycling.

Satyam Cement offers customers a wide range of cementitious materials as well as developing customized blends for special applications. Examples of technical and eco-efficient innovations include the following:

Low-CO2 cements
The main driver for reducing CO2 emissions in cement production continues to be the improvement in clinker factor, by substituting clinker in cement with appropriate secondary materials. In recent years, our product portfolio has undergone a successful switch to low-CO2cements and Satyam Cement now has one of the lowest clinker factors in the industry. We offer customers made-to-measure, application-specific solutions using composite cements, containing mineral components such as slag or fly ash in addition to clinker and gypsum. These comprise 75 percent of the cement types produced by Satyam Cement.